How to store dry rice – Syeda Luthfun Nahar

Tulshimala Rice

Syeda Luthfun Nahar : ‘Rice is the staple/basic food for most of the countries of the world. The harvesting style, parameters of production, types, quality, size, shape, color, aroma are different from each other’s. While some countries prefer basic non-aromatic white/brown rice for daily food, the middle-east people loves the aromatic rice. To them non-aromatic rice is like food without salts.

As rice serve as main food, all we want to store the rice with proper nutritious value as long as possible. The proper storing is very important to get the rice in out of season, to get seeds for next time cultivation, to get the proper price in market etc.

The best temperature to store grains, including rice, is 40°F or below; however, rice stored at a constant 70° F with oxygen absorbers will store well for up to 10 years. In cooler storage areas rice sealed in oxygen-free containers can be stored for up to 30 years.

In traditional way, the rice can be store in large volume or small volume. In large volume, large store house is made for that. Which might be total closed or half closed. Before storing, the rice is properly dried under sun and the temperature should be more than twenty degree Fahrenheit and tested by chewing it.

In small scale, rice is kept in big earthen pot (local name motka), tin drum, plastic drum. All these should be air tight to keep the rice as good as possible. For long term storage, rice should be keep in cool and dry place.As per research, it has found out that if we take proper measure, we can store the rice up to thirty years.’

Source : Search English group.